PDP Constellation – Dissertation

From starting my BA degree within fine art and developing my artistic theory through constellation i have definitely noticed that i have progressed, conceptually and critically creating a much more articulate response when assessing art history, my own work or a specific assigned piece of constellation literature.

Although constellation has had no real effect on the conceptuality of my practice it has forced me to understand how to as previously asserted critically assess and refine , draw back and revisit my work theoretically with a more rational mind and better understanding of what I’m trying to conceptually fathom. Reading is something that up until my degree i have had little time for it is something that i have been forced to commit to from infant to senior school, from then to my degree and particular the constellation options reading has become something more that i have become profoundly interested in, reading artist contextualisations and theories related to the important ideas that surround my practice have not just sparked and pushed my art work forward but changed the way in which i tackle a project.

More so now than ever have i noticed the profound effect constellation, in particular my dissertation is having on me as a creative individual, pushing me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to rationalise the irrational at times when literature or my theoretical concepts may seem shrouded. Before taking on this dissertation i had never had to write so much about a specific area, that of the primitive and primal art, it has become through extensive research the area i enjoy and will most likely if not for a long time carry on exploring and researching. Although my dissertation has been a massive challenge for myself, coming out of the other side,  i see it more as an early gateway to explore what the primitive and primal art can be ?, my dissertation for me is a minor dent on what i would love to explore further !, it is a door opening itself for what i want to explore more extensively within my masters degree next year or at some point within my life.

Overall i have enjoyed creating my dissertation, researching concepts, theories, artists and my own thoughts and ideas ‘ from mind to hands and hands to paper’. Although on the other hand my dissertation has come with its difficulties, that of rationalising something that is irrational to a certain degree, that of the primitive, the primitive isn’t a physical object it is characterised under a wide variety of artefacts, art works and cultures; it is an instinct, a consciousness an alternate intelligence. how do we rationalise something that is all of these words all at once ? At times this has been incredibly hard because of the broad nature of the primitive,  describing iconic historical phenomena.

none the less my profound interest surrounding my dissertation has become the basis for my subject practice, and is still fuelling and feeding into my work now, especially in terms of the early foundations of art and ‘instinct’. My dissertation has 100% stepped up my current project due to the extensive amounts of research i have had to do and visa versa, this is due to fact that i am able to play out some of my dissertation concepts physically.By my dissertation topic of the primitive being the main focus of my subject work it has allowed me to further explore some of these subconscious and early interests in art, it has enabled me to re evaluate what art is important to myself, producing a new creative burst.

The major areas that i have been concerned with throughout my research are that of historical artefacts, consciousness, primal instinct and the museum format. Historical artefacts are something that i have been profoundly interested in since i was a young child, countless trips to London and city museums alluded my child hood and captivated my attention . My dissertation opened the door and has  given me the  opportunity to take these subconscious interests further and really understand what it is that makes me interested and produce raw art.

The museum gallery format is something that i briefly touched on at the end of last year and was something i really wanted to explore deeper at the end of my dissertation.With regards to my dissertation i delved deeper into the subconscious psychology of the museum gallery format, The idea that simply by applying the museum context to an object could give the illusion that  an object may or may not necessarily be an artefact, i feel and found out this is because of the generalised perception that the museum must and always has presented ‘relics’ or ‘artefacts’ – it is a blind perception, that may or may not be true. from my dissertation this is something i started to look at within my gap crit applying artificial lighting and your standard white cube plinth to create and synthesise the illusion that my object was that of an artefact (concrete Bali). Further from my dissertation research i came to the conclusion that not only can ones coquinas be that of primitive nature but so can materials such as mud, sticks and even modern materials such as concrete and tar. There is a raw masculinity that is associated with these materials a almost primordial essence, and is why i further pushed this element of materiality into my dissertation and subject work.

From my dissertation i intend to  carry on what i have started, explore, research; take on what i have learnt from constellation and delve deeper into primitive art and ‘ the primitive’, hopefully creating a stronger and more profound understanding within and around this topic for my MA.