Bente Skjøttgaard – cumulonimbus/2014


the Scandinavian sculptor/ceramicist Bente Skjottgaard creates beautifully unique ‘cloud’ series, in which glaze consumes ceramic and is married and entangled with concept and process. Scientific in nature and source the cloud series transform cloud cluster into imaginary cloud compositions in which narrative takes over.


Skjøttgaard defines her clusters as “somewhere between the recognizable and the undefined”. What I find particularly interesting with regards to Skjøttgaard’s Cumulonimbus series is how she talks about the ‘non-staticness’ of clouds and how this leads to an interesting sculptural topic:

Clay is initially soft, then hardens during the firing, while a cloud remains inattainable, vaporous and constantly in motion, retaining the ability to transform into something else. This ’non-static-ness’ makes clouds interesting to explore sculpturally, and to relate to as volume, material, motion and colour.”

Her Cumulonimbus sculptures seem to manifest and evolve from one another, they appear organic and intuitive. Although undoubtedly heavy in nature the ceramic objects neutralize gravity as they float from there clay stalks.With regards to glazing (or at least the color on the surface) the cloud series seems to mimic the “changeability and volatile volume of clouds. A shimmering mass of electrifying, overexposed, fluffy scrawl, that makes focusing difficult for the eye”.they are light, thus, appear transparent. Correlating form with cluster cloud concept.





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