alchemy as sculpture – glaze exploration

From rigorous glaze exploration I began to look at material, and what I can do with glaze in a completely different manner, alchemy at this point is important. Glazing is beginning to completely redefine the way I look at my objects. Similar to the test series I started at the beginning of this term I have again started consuming my old extruder tests in glaze and slip to explore different chemical combinations, colour pallets, and relationships between material textures.

As an artist I see myself as a bit of a control freak, I am consistently trying to dictate the outcome of my objects. What ceramics and in particular glaze testing has taught me is that the element of control to a certain degree is out of my hands. these tests have allowed the firing process to take control, reshape and redefine the way I began to look at my sculptures. It has allowed me to stand back a certain degree and be surprised at the chemical transformations various firing temperatures could produce.

In the image above what I find particularly interesting is the way in which the glaze has moved around the tube, how once again gravity seems to play an imperative role in a test series. The black slip and white crawl reminds me of a tar pit slowly pulling its surroundings back into the earth. Weirdly enough a clash between manmade vs nature seems to be a re-occurring theme within the aestheticism of my work. A conversation between materials is beginning to happen and what was an ordinary extruder tube has now taken on a new role, a new story and is redefined through ceramic alchemy.


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