Per B Sunderberg – idyllic yet brutal beauty

Much like many ceramicists of Sunderberg’s generation, there is little written about the artist. For myself, to describe the ceramic vessels of Per B Sunderberg as inefficacious would be inaccurate.  Sunderberg’s work in terms of ceramic technique does all the wrong things in the right way, it pushes the boundaries of texture and glaze to new and exciting levels, a sense of play and explorative glazing techniques is clearly apparent. The glaze is infectious, absorbing, transformative and takes over the form, hints of the black body creep through the contrasting white crawling surface, this in turn creates a juxtaposition between the two surfaces with striking effect.Although the object is very much rugged and stark, there is a sense of tactility, malleability, tension between materials and plasticity present in all of the objects shown.



2_2176095_vasesculpture-made-by-per-b-sundberg-sweden-2013.jpegThe sculptures/vessels invite us to engage with the work on a intimate level, they become objects in which we are able to explore the subjectivity of language in material objects and ceramic inquisition, Imitating materials through glaze, the objects are familiar. The objects look as if they have been formed from the spaces that surround our immediate natural environment. (Featured above) the vessel reminds me of upturned soil or that of a mole hill due to the coarse brown glaze body. Sunderbergs vessels look as though they have been  raised from the core of the earth and presented as archeological studies of molten rock. Sunderberg through his objects demonstrates the transformative power glaze can have on clay materials and further our understanding.



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