Composition and Presentation – setting the stage

Coming up to the end of my degree show set up what is crucial for myself is how I compositionally arrange my objects to not only work together effectively but conceptually set the atmosphere and theme of the primordial, relationship and language and how ultimately all these elements can create material symbiotics.

Can specific arrangements speak a certain language ? can they ‘set the stage’ for conversation ?. By beginning to look at this low plinth as a stage it allows myself to look upon this composition as a story, why are certain objects grouped together and what does this necessarily mean ? for myself a lot of these arrangments hold highly personal yet subliminal memory – from the arrangement of  small girders holding vestige to early experiences of materiality with regards to my dad as a builder and my experiences of building sights to the small arrangement of decorative rocks holding vestige to more recent times down in Penarth.

For myself, this low stage sets the story of a timeline, my own personal and tactile experiences with materiality and form.

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