Deacon at the museum

From visiting the museum today I stumbled across one of Richard Deacons giant ceramic sculptures and couldn’t help admire and study the piece. As one of my favourite artists I couldn’t help but consider why the ceramic object was beneath these set of stairs ?  was there a specific reason for this ? or was it simply for aesthetic and decorative purpose ?.

It made me consider that sometimes the most obscure of places for sculpture can work the best with relation to surroundings and hidden curiosity.

Either way, this is the first time I have witnessed the artist’s ceramic work up close in person and find the work both amazing and structurally powerful. the sheer scale of the object and the beautiful multi-colourful glaze that the swirling construct is consumed by are brilliant. The work stands bold and strong and works effectively within its museum surroundings.

Retracing steps – ceramic to print – 3D to 2D 

For myself something that I have always been interested in is print. More recently with my newly discovered ceramic passion, this is something I haven’t had the time to really play with.

My current prints are a chance to consider my ceramic sculptures and composition ideas from a printmakers angle – to capture The same concepts that allude my sculptures on paper, that of the relationship of texture, pattern colour and materiality and how ultimately all these factors relate to a primal instinct.


Developing my skills within composition has creatively opened my mind not only considering how sculpture can come together to create a language but print as well.