Ken Price: 1961 – 2008 Honors an L.A. Original Exhibition

Price is someone who I have been profoundly interested in coming towards the end of my degree, he is best known as a sculptor of abstract and biomorphic ceramic forms. The surfaces of Price’s objects are so complexly chromatic and expertise they exist only in his sculptures. By being so jarringly compelling and unique they challenge the viewer’s concepts of beauty itself.


In the exhibition on show laid out on 4 plinths are about 24 of price’s works, the exhibition focuses on the artists career in ceramic sculpture.What I am particularly interested in is how the work has been exhibited within the LA space. Together on 4 large plinths, the objects command space yet although  they are separate ( separate plinths)  they create a relationship, the sculptures contrast and work together to create an aesthetic distinctiveness, that is undoubtedly prices unique work .

I also find the slight elevation from the floor incredibly effective. how something so simple can enhance the element of display


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