Exhibition | Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl “Possible Gestures” at Gelleri Format Oslo

Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl’s work shapes in­tu­itive, spa­tial form. Materiality and structure go hand in hand. With extruded cut clay ­tubes, the artist builds overlapping and assembled sculptures –  emerging out of a men­tal void. They are re­sults of a dis­tracted sense, they re­main pure sculp­tural move­ment.


What I find particularly intriguing is the artist’s exhibition in Oslo, how the sculptures are placed and command the room around them. For me this creates a juxtaposition between  nat­ural form and cul­tural con­struc­tion – one reflect­s the other.

Leading on to my exhibition this is something that is incredibly important – how I want the relationship between sculpture to be seen, how  the viewer  sees my work and secondly how the element of space can justify or characterize.As Kaldahl coined can  my work  command some sense of “possible gesture”.


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