Adrián Villar Rojas – Installation – Mexico City

Within this exhibition ephemerality is central, the sculptures are designed to crack and crumble naturally.Within the installation nature has reclaimed and transformed the gallery space. The floor is made from soil and the space that surrounds it is littered with both natural and manmade objects created and found by the artist, For me this makes the ephemerality a little more profound, how language between the objects overshadows monumentality and time. With their crude physicality and cracked surfaces, his sculptures simply exist, they are redolent and through ephemerality ruins.Rojas sculptures delineate a departure point from the manmade to the synthetic world creating a relationship between the earth, objects and space.


Rojas has made me consider how the context of space materiality could influence or direct my sculptures, to create not just a language among themselves but a language with space and further as a whole, with the viewers.


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