Penarth and Deacon Inspiration

Above are a selection of structures I created in response to Penarth, places and forms I have seen . These two structures are drawn from both Deacon and Penarth inspiration. What is important is how they ultimately sit, collaborate and create a language between all forms to distinguish what I would associate to be ‘primal’.

Choosing colour for the sculptures has  been challenging. I decided to use textural surfaces and bold flat colours such as black and white to create a raw sensibility. The smaller sculptures, a cobalt blue – this is due to cobalt being that of an earthly element and thus for myself to retain a raw worth.


Featured above is a man-made rusted construction/form that I came across down at Penarth beach. What I find fascinating about the construction is how it coheres to these primitive qualities that I hold so contently. Perhaps I  associate this structure to be primitive, firstly because of the age and rust coloration, secondly, location and finally brutalist form. To me, the structure is not too dissimilar than that of scaffolding and perhaps to some degree is why I may associate it to be of  my own material experiences – that of building sights and building materials.


From extensively researching Deacon the past few weeks the structural form also made me recollect my thoughts upon the artists ‘siamese‘ series and how although the  bold geometric structures create a fairly modern language, to some degree are incredibly simple and feel almost primordial when you strip away the element of colour.



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