Current Statement – Primal Reaction

My practice examines the interrelationship and engagement between the materiality and structure of clay objects. The relationship of matter, texture and surface complement form and this act of making creates meaning. The objects cohere to the same universal similarities I find myself in, voicing the ‘primal’, which is what unites them. The sculptures create a language that comes together to create a bridge between the past and present to characterise an aesthetic distinctiveness. To some extent, the language of these sculptures creates a discourse which displaces and modify each other. They stand bold and ‘primal’. The sculptures are drawn from a subconscious instinct, a raw urge to withdraw oneself from mind to physical rendition and rendition to form. My approach is empirical in nature and draws on my experiences and observations, where I create and respond to the material intuitively. Each object has an individual presence, yet when they exist collectively the dialogue is more complex which in turn extends the narrative.

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