Penarth – Material and aesthetic inspiration

12788316_10153234199471577_2064889924_oas an artist what I find particularly exciting is texture, natural pattern and brutalist form. How I recapture, consider and create. For me rocks are brutal and rough, the foundations of what we walk, live and breathe on. They command arbitrary presence and stand bold.

What I find interesting with the rock to the left is the man-made qualities or what I perceive to be ‘unnatural’ qualities.But why do I  perceive this rock  to be un-natural? what makes this it particularly different from the one below ? is it the pattern, material requisite or synthetics ?.



I feel this is both a combination of subliminal memory and experience, i feel i  believe the first rock to be un-natural because it appears to be made or of two different materials; we are told that these materials are usually combined in an industrial manner, thus man-made. Secondly, it is unique, no other rock on the beach is like this specific rock, therefore, it must be ‘un-natural’ and conclusively why we assume, categorize and know or, at least, believe it to be true.

The first image within this post is two forms I constructed in response to my trip down to Penarth, responding to pattern and form. Why are my sculptures less primitive than the boulders down at Penarth ? is it age? structure ? pattern ? or is it because we know the earth rocks to be organic ? from the earth ?. Technically speaking both should be of equal ‘primitiveness’ because both my sculptures and rocks are made from the same substance ‘earth’ the only differentiate is ‘myself’ or intervention between myself, process and the material.




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