Why Rocks ?

Above are  rock forms I sculpted from Ash clay when fired the rocks will appear white. The reason for sculpting these  forms are because it is something that I would automatically indicate as ‘primal’. I wanted the rocks to appear to have a man-made or hand intervention, hence this reappearing cubist formation on the surface. I want the viewer to question the objects. Are they rocks and why ?.


In modern society, I believe it becomes hard to differentiate what is primitive and what is not because we live in a time of technology, beyond the time of modern. Is a rock more primitive than a brick?  if so why?.I feel this is a  conditioning. The belief that a rock is more primitive than a brick because rocks are more natural and were there first, but does this make it more primitive ?.

As I learnt from Nao Matsunaga this not necessarily important, the idea that my sculptures  adhere to the same values, materiality and subjectivity are what makes them similar, and further important. This is important for creating a bridge between past, present and ultimately primitive, allowing me to sculpt and create objects that I feel to maintain and stand bold, .. primal.


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