Pre-concious instinct and habituated experience

To what extent are my subconscious sculptures subconscious ?are they more than this ? are they formed preconsciously? – somewhere in between.

Within my work this state of primitive instinct and self-psychological analysis of ‘primitive experience’ has been key for me with regards to understanding and grasping the concepts that surround my sculptures.Do my sculptures necessarily have to make sense, though ? do they have to unravel some deep and perplexing theory of the universe ? can they not simply voice and stand for the primitive?. To represent what I believe the primitive to be – that of personal  materiality, brutalist man-made and organic form or to simplify – what we as humans and individuals perceive to be ‘primitive’, or know to be, materials such as mud and clay.For myself, this is as simple as the rock formations down in Penarth and also the materials my dad keeps on the back of his truck with his building supplies, both modern and natural materiality.


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