Turning Point – from bones to subconscious sculpture

Up until this point, I have been considering and balancing the idea of creating two works of art for my final exhibition, using both my Promethean bones and my subconscious primal sculptures. The idea was to exhibit the two loosely related series within the gallery space I hoped to get. After a few tutorials, I came to the realisation that not only was it difficult to balance out both the firing, glazing and raku of the bones but creating and finishing my subconscious sculptures, this meaning sculptures of my own personal primal experience, to start the sculptures with no necessary ending but rather come to an instinctive conclusion.As much as I love my raku bones and the concepts that surround them rather than developing I am multiplying from 2 – 4 and 4 to 30

The artwork within my eyes has been completed. Whereas with regards to my subconscious sculptures, I feel they have plenty of room to grow, develop and elevate, turning subconscious sculpting into physical form and distinctive aesthetic, standing vestige for my experience, the fun I have had creating them and how although my sculptures are all ultimately unique, they are to some extent, all the same, or related creating a language for myself and that of primal intuition.

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