About the size of it – Considering Richard Deacon, size and composition



Deacons book ‘About the size’ considers the element of composition, size, alteration of form and above all abstraction. Deacon breaches the boundaries of bourgeois ceramic sculpture presenting a set of unfished or ‘ maquette like’ structures, whilst using the element of photography to augment the perception of size for the viewer.


At the top of this post is a series of sculptures I have been working on. encapsulating with the idea of subconscious building, primal instinct and memory, starting with a shape – building and coming to some form of intuitive conclusion thus, refining. What I feel works incredibly well with the selection of sculptures is how separate, they are individual but together create a language. ‘Considering the size of it’ has made me consider another element, that of photographic composition and how perhaps I want my sculptures to be portrayed within the catalogue?

For myself, the experience provided by an assemblage has a quality of conversation about it. Engagement between the sculptures seems to suggest some kind of  conversation, some kind of objective relationship begins to take place. Like language and words, a pattern begins to form, that pattern and word ‘primal’.



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