Why Raku ? – concept, aesthetics and objectivity

A question that has been over looming my head and have been repeatedly asked  since beginning my Raku process/journey is that of ‘ why use raku ?’ ‘why not simply glaze ? or keep the bones unfired or, simply just keep them white from the first firing ?’. I find this particularly interesting due to the fact that I had my mind so set on raku firing the bones, due to concept, aesthetics and individuality that I didn’t even consider to question myself why it was so important? why am I doing this ? and why so many?

After dwelling on the matter for a few days and questioning and refining myself, I came to a few conclusions about materiality and the conceptuality of the raku firing. After contemplation, I realised the key difference between kiln firing and raku firing was that the raku firing was physical ‘fire’ turning clay, to molten rock and molten rock to ceramic object, opposed to kiln which is simply clay object transformed by ‘heat’. What is particularly important to the concept of my Prometheus bones is to retain the idea that the ‘fire’ – stolen transforms the bones (clay) – with experience to individually crafted raku bones, standing as a vestige of individuality +’ primal experience’ with relevance to bones and early beginnings and forms of humanity.



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