Stage 2 -Colour, context and aestheticism related to concept

Above pictured is one of my completed sculptures, I decided to try and use black coloured slip to contrast against my forms but, unfortunately, the slip didn’t work according to plan. On the other hand, I am incredibly happy with the colour the sculpture came out, that of a light grey colour, a happy accident.


When considering the general aesthetics of my sculptures, I want to imitate similar effects to that of the artist ken price but subtle and more coherent to natural and organic scenery – instead of using bright yellows and pinks I would contrast and layer natural colours against white and white against blacks. I want to create aesthetics that are coherent and stand testament to both the skills I have learnt over the last three years at university and that of my ‘primal experience’. Imitating textures and patterns that I would associate with my past and past experiences of materiality through spray paint and modern materials. Using clay, sand and plaster to combine both man-made and organic substance. Using colour and texture to create a language between  objectivity, materiality and together conceptuality.Below is two test sculptures of the spray paints I have used, a matt black and sanded spray paint.






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