Richard Deacon- Personals

Deacons exhibition characteristically tests the definition of sculpture. it is playful in its radical propositions about art and life.

above pictured in the featured image is –(it’s a small world, 1999-2005
table with 130 small clay sculptures 95x320x227cm)

deacons work is often more about the way we relate to others and to the world around us.What I find beautiful about deacons work is the uniqueness and playfulness of each object. Singularly I would perceive the sculptures to be test pieces for work of much grander scale but together, enterprise into a collective of oddities – a mass assemblage of interesting sculptures all holding their own clues. Why are these sculptures together and what do they mean ?. For myself, I don’t think individually the sculptures necessarily mean anything but together form a language, the sculptures together are what make them strong, they create a 3-dimensional symbology, and to some extent hold vestige for Deacons thought pattern. You can see how the artist works and develops and in its own integrity is beautiful to see.


Within my own work, it has made me consider and question the purpose and  individuality of my sculptures. Do I want the viewer to experience the same things? ( the development of my work). By grouping my sculptures together  do they create a language ?.



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