Prometheus as Raku – process conceptualisation

Prometheus  created man from a lump of clay, he shaped man after the image of the gods and allowed man to walk upright so that he might look towards the heavens. man was designed to be nobler than any other beast and was constructed so as to resemble the gods.

What I am particularly interested in, with regards to the tales of Prometheus is firstly how the titan sculpted and created man from clay, then further used fire to elevate humanity (Promethean heat). Theoretically, this tale is not too dissimilar than the raku firing process – to sculpt, fire and ultimately elevate an object from clay to product with unpredictability of the outcome. it’s this idea of transformation from clay – molten object  when compared to the tales of Prometheus that fits perfectly with my idea of primal memory and experience, how we as humans ( formed from clay ), with  experience (fire- life) change,divaricate, artistically develop and produce . It is said that Prometheus was chained to the mountain for so long that he eventually became one with the rock.

Prometheus for me holds strong towards the concept of unpredictability within process, materiality and concept – to firstly create work from clay is to follow by Prometheus’s lead, to use the unpredictable nature of the raku firing process is to defy human physical dexterity and to capture ‘Promethean heat’ and to ultimately fail or proceed is to either follow or elevate past Prometheus, to exceed and successfully produce. my sculptures themselves could be perceived as Prometheus himself. turned from man to rock – a ‘shell’ or ‘conduit’ of the former titan.






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