Ken Price – Understanding materiality, aesthetics and subconcious

“Art always opts for the individual, the concrete; art is not platonic”– Jorge Luis Borges

For me, prices work stands vestige to hand intervention, whilst being influenced  by visual forms in nature and everything around himself, or what I would elaborate as ‘primal experience’, the idea facilitates the object.

ken_price-sculpture-a_retrospective (17)Prices work is a clear reaction to materiality, form and therefore, conceptuality and  experience.

What I found particularly interesting is prices finishing technique. Price uses layered up acrylic paints and sands them down to create this amazing marbling pattern.

What price has taught me is the element to  understand my work as an ‘experience’ to physically enjoy and interpret its material existence, to try and comprehend my primal memory as a personal, subjective, private activity – to get inside my artwork as far as i can, and deal with the internal logic of the work itself


“rational explanation destroys the faith that art requires” – Jorge Luis Borges




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