Exposure – Abacus Exhibition – Primal Experiences


For the end of the 1st term a selection of the third year fine artists across multiple disciplines, myself included decided to put on an exhibition in the centre of cardiff at the Abacus. The exhibition composed of a 3 day residency allowing the public to come in and talk to us about the work we are and were producing down in the centre of the city.


for the exhibition i decided to create and present some of the ‘conduit’ sculptures i have been working on, pushing the boundaries of my abilities in ceramics and particularly slab building.What was particularly important to me was the location in which i exhibited my sculptures and that they were presented together, this was inspired by the Morison’s sight specific sculpture I previously looked into . I decided to exhibit my sculptures within the back of an old bank vault. I thought this worked incredibly well due to the raw brutality of the space, the fact the bank vault was un-useable was particularly interesting to me, the vaults main purpose of protection is penetrated, rendering it obsolete. This idea of ‘fragility’ for me is incredibly fascinating, and is further why I wanted my sculptures together to stand strong in the fragility of the vault. Much like the inside of a termite mound is riddled with conduits and tunnels so now was the vault, unlike the mounds the vault was”exposed” .

The space was surrounded by rubble and i used this to my advantage having the sculptures submerged within and around it as if the sculptures were rising from the rocks – primitive in nature, the vault stands as a rendition for the  modern ruin.

To view my work you had to peer through a dry wall hole, this was particularly important due to the lack of light and echoing it created, the lack of light for me added to the atmosphere of the installation creating an eery allure of the unknown, yet honest representation.


The fact you had to peer down to look into the hole and at my sculptures fitted perfectly with my concept of the ‘inside out’, the idea that the work was hidden yet open in plain sight, further extended the concepts that allude my bamana boli series, an ongoing theme.

The general installation itself was very sight specific and this is something i want to continue to explore further next term, refining and defining my conduits and further the concepts that allude the primal experience and identity. how I can use the space around the sculptures to cohere to my concepts? And how can I really represent myself through these objects ?.

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