Monolithic Vessels – Continued

Continuing on from the more naturally aesthetic constructions i have recently been building or ‘monoliths’ i have decided to expand, make them bigger and challenge myself further in the field of ceramics and slab building.


I have decided to use Raku clay to form the sculptures not just because of the general wear of the  clay and toughness but because eventually, and most likely in the new year now i want to Raku fire and glaze the vessels.

I have also been challenging myself with the face or ‘opening’ of the objects playing with shape and size, pushing towards a more industrial themed conduit, particularly with the sculpture on the left – feeding through ideas that I began looking into within the Bamana Boli series.

Could we perceive these conduits as shells ?, and by shells homes ? – do these sculptures invite the viewer to possess, To inhabit or conquer ? by there being an opening these questions arise, they bring about possibilities of experience – what does these sculptures mean to someone ? And by someone myself ?.


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