Heather And Ivan Morison -How to survive the coming bad years – 2008

heather and ivan morison3_thumb[1]-2

Two site specific artists who i have recently discovered and fallen in love with are Heather & Ivan Morison. The colossus sculptures of the coupled artists are simply staggering, in particular a sculpture i find both relevant and incredibly breathtaking is there site specific sculpture  –

‘How to survive the coming bad years – 2008’

The sculpture consists of a hive or mound like structure spiralling out of the woods and into the sky with a ring of geometric light orbiting it. Although i know very little about the concepts surrounding the piece I really enjoy  the general aesthetics  and I feel that the sculpture coheres incredibly well to the forest, and forest to the sculpture –  blending into its surroundings as if this structure has always been there.

The sculpture itself has also made me consider taking a chance with my own site specific work over the christmas period – and my current exhibition that is coming up ‘exposure’, seeing how I may interact with a specific space or room. I also think it would be incredibly interesting that when I go home I go into the woods to create my very own Morison and personally inspired sculptures.

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