Termite Mounds – From Nature To Nurture

From looking at the organic forms that have surrounded and alluded me for a large portion of my life  I decided to explore organic forms of experience that i have come across in my travels .


What i find incredibly interesting when related to the context of my  sculptures is the spheroidal aestheticism, the idea of the ‘inside out and outside in’ how from the outside the structures look like unusually shaped rocks still beautiful in nature but essentially mounds of dirt, on the inside the mounds are made up of beautiful and extensive conduits and tunnels, a self-evident representation of experience over time and further the raw interaction of the termites themselves. Can we call this raw art ?

From the moment we move into our homes We build memories and experiences within it, we hold these experiences and attachments to the house for those personally involved i.e my current student house, but ultimately the house acts as a vessel or a shell for those experiences much like the mound. Its this concept, concept  of the shell or the  vessel that i find particularly interesting. Because isn’t everything in our life’s essentially borrowed until reclaimed, taken or conquered ?.



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