Monolith cave

Monolith – a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument.

Adapting on from the Bamana Bali I decided to adapt the shape to that of a more natural yet brutish form, one that is more familiar yet still coheres to the Bauhaus and thus my heritage through the feet – an extension from the object (myself) to my heritage ( the feet). The shape itself is cohering to more personal experiences, right outside my door in the forest of dean and the organic shapes that map out the landscape and the shapes that elude the forest. Although I have been arguing that the primitive is a state of mind and is a product of experience thus heritage I have begun to believe it is more than that, not just of memories but where our key memories happen within that of the home, the house, further through primitive adaptation the house – cave.

We build our memory’s within our  houses, the past, present and future are formed and moulded within them yet ultimately they act as a shell a ‘vessel’. what I find interesting about the vessel is that unlike a cave it is open yet you cannot see what is inside, it is exposed yet unexposed.


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