Bamana Boli series

Leading on from the Bamana Boli power object i decided to imitate or more accurately embody the object and concept through my own materials and experiences. the concept of the  Bamana Boli object is to represent what is on the inside on the out and visa versa, i find this idea incredibly interesting. the idea that my personal experiences and identity through materiality and objectivity are exposed on the outside through primitive aesthetics whilst concealing the modern, hiding it away and within.

I decided to look into my heritage and the past imitating that of a more german/ eastern european architectural take on the Boli ( Bauhaus Boli) playing with materiality and aesthetics from african to european, but fundamentally retaining the essence of the Boli itself, using carpet and clay to impersonate the object.


Further i decided to create a more immediate imitation of the Boli using materials i could find within my arms length, to create a more of what i personally feel as a clearer representation of the ‘Modern Primitive’ that of objects of primitive nature created in the context of the present.



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