Bamana Boli – Power Object – Mali

3 figure bovine, mali

For me the Bamana Boli is a perfect imitation of a primal object that echoes experience and identity,  that of the Boli tribesman of Mali.

For me the object possesses a raw potency that seems to hark back to the very beginnings of art. It also seems quite modern in its pared down form. It seems to vibrate with a disturbing magical force put there by the people who made it. A modern artist can also be a bit of a witch doctor, having the ability to transform ordinary materials into something significant.

For me personally this ‘ raw potency’ is something that i am trying to capture and imitate within my art work to cohere my experience through a vessel, object or objects ?.

I want to  capture and cohere the ability to transform the materials i would associate with my experiences with art to understand an identity – as the Mali tribesman before me.





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