Bamana Boli – 2015

Further developing on from my Self-imitated Boli’s i decided to embody the essence of the aesthetic Bauhaus further (my heritage), considering how i may present the object in my Gap Crit. I feel that a plinth or glass case would be a great contrasting choice due to the connotations that are associated with and around ‘primitive objects’ in western society, i.e  how museums portray artefacts, confining and cutting them of from physical contact or further isolating the objects from the public or viewer – the idea that the object is completely exposed yet concealed or covered up – this is a concept i am trying to re-realte and apply to the ‘opening’, the unconcealed, yet confined, something i feel personally in a growing modern society.

The markings on the sides of the Boli are a result to how i slab built the object, the gesture of the artist from hand to tool and tool to clay, i feel that the markings add a coarseness to the object, from a subconscious application of piling the clay upon itself .


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