fossilisation, the oldest artistic process – primal identity

To start off the artistic year i decided to explore what i would automatically associate as primal identity, that off bones. Bones for me are incredibly interesting, they are what support us, an anatomical scaffolding. every bone in every human body and animal body is unique, individual. You could further question concepts that surround fossilisation – the uncovering of prehistoric bones. Fossilisation is the most natural and oldest form of process in time, from life to rock. As a young child I would visit  museums that held prehistoric bones,  these trips, are what i would associate with one of my first ‘raw experiences’ of art or primal experience.

12305535_10153077036606577_1232667460_n – Hunterian museum – Royal college of surgeons

Being put into a gallery or museum context the bones  become either aesthetic objects or items of cultural phenomena or both at the same time – the viewer takes what they will from the object, the bones themselves are portrayed as historical obscurities, they allude us because they are so familiar yet in the outer body and museum context incredibly unfamiliar. 

For me as previously asserted there is something primal and raw about bones especially in the gallery or museum context, bones are so relatable to us as humans but stripped from the body and taken out of context become interchangeable and malleable; they become form rather than simply anatomical.

Below is a set of bones i carved from plaster and clay, by doing this the bones take on similar but new concepts, the reason for this is the association of my own experiences mixed with the primitive, that of material association – with my early childhood and past, in this instance plaster. for me personally plaster has a modern rawness to it, it is a material  we use in our everyday building to interiors of the home, it is available to anyone, and i have been very aware of it from an early age due to my dad working within construction,  for me it is an unrefined material, it is natural yet in its very nature completely un-natural it is the new modern primitive, it is a material for the primitive modern man, a material that binds the and holds the inside of our homes much like the skeleton – bones.

I also Decided to use clay because it is a completely organic material , its the rawest malleable material from the ground, and in its malleability it retains a coarseness, for myself to work with clay is to work compulsively and then further refine that compulsion. 


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