Primal Experience and Identity

carrying on forward from my dissertation i have decided to base an investigation around primal experiences, developing and refining my thoughts. Primal experiences being experiences i have had from the early experiences of art or ‘raw art’, from watching my dad build and going on site to exploring the forest of dean, my primal experiences are that of my own subconscious and experiences of art at a young age – artistic influences that have alluded myself. Further using ‘primitive’ forms of art work such as cave man and early ice age to represent this impulsion, this is because early foundations of primitive art work such as cave man  hold no jurisdiction or ties to any culture because every culture can adopt and claim it as their own, being  undefined puts the primitive for me in a sense of identity crisis or lost identity, a longing towards a penultimate whole, a specific culture. As a being i can similarly sympathise, being half german/ Hungarian living in Gloucestershire and having roots spreading across eastern europe i find it difficult to adopt one certain culture as my own as so many iconic cultures allude my heritage, this is why i have decided to convey my experiences through primitive art work using it as a vestige for my experiences.

I am Representing what i perceive as my primal experiences through a combination of my heritage, personal past and the primitive, exploring material related to concept to define and explore some form of penultimate whole or identity in modern society, looking back at the past to understand the present and further myself as an individual.

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